• February 24, 2022 10:09 pm
  • North Carolina

Align Weight Loss & Body Balancing is a doctor directed weight loss program that scientifically unlocks the body’s biological potential to lose weight. Using the latest technology in nutritional testing, Align is able to target hormonal imbalances to determine sources of weight gain and identify what boosts their patients’ metabolism naturally. As a result, patients are able to shed those unwanted pounds and become stronger, slimmer and more fully balanced without drugs, surgery or exercise.


Established in 2009.

We started in 2009 when Dr. Matthew McAlees began his work with Team USA. The same principles that have help athletes be an an ideal body while functioning optimally have been applied to those struggling to lose weight. That resulted in amazing results for people who don’t want to lose weight using drugs or surgery. The system was designed for people who want to lose weight based on improving their metabolism.

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