Privacy Policy

What are the Privacy Policies

All of the users’ important details, information, and data are confidential. Our website team keeps an eye on every delicate piece of information provided by users including your bank details, contact and address details, etc. So don’t worry about information leakage. Your important data is safe with us. 

In case of any query or suspicious activity contact us immediately.

Privacy Policy 

Directory99 is one of the most reliable and authentic business listing websites. People put their trust in this website because of different reasons. Besides the Services provided by directory99, their policies are for users’ convenience too. 

One of our main priorities is customer privacy. People trust us with their personal and business details and it’s our responsibility to keep them safe and to protect against any kind of data leakage. Our privacy policy document contains all the data and information provided by clients and how we use it. 

All of the users’ important details, information, and data are confidential. Our website team keeps an eye on every delicate piece of information provided by users including your bank details, contact and address details, etc. So don’t worry about information leakage. Your important data is safe with us. In case of any query or suspicious activity contact us immediately. 

This document contains every minor detail you are looking for but if you are still curious or want to ask any questions then feel free and contact our customer service team. We have a 24/7 customer service team that’s always ready to help and guide. 

We have generated our privacy policies with the help of the Free privacy policy generator and it applies to all the users who are accessing our website online. This policy does not apply to the data that is collected offline or through other channels. 


If you are using our website or have created your account here, you have already agreed to our privacy policies. 

Information Collected By Directory99

The personal information like email, name, contact number provided by our users and why they need to provide it, will be made clear when you are providing the personal data. If you will contact us directly we might get some additional information like your name, email, number, any attachment including video, audios, pictures, or any other information that you are willing to Provide. 

When you register your business account we may ask you for business information like business name, email, type, etc. 

How Will Directory99 Use Your Information? 

The information provided by users is used in several ways. We have listed all these ways below to keep transparency between us and our clients. 

  • While Maintaining and updating the directory99 website. 
  • While improving, personalizing, and expanding our website. 
  • To understand how our consumer is utilizing our website. 
  • While developing new services, products, features, and functions. 
  • While communicating with you. Our customer service team might use any of your personal information while providing you updates or for promotional purposes. 
  • To protect you from any kind of scam or fraud. 
  • We might use your email address to send you emails about our promotional activities and updates. 

What are Log Files and How Do Directory99 Use Them? 

Log files are the files of users’ information when they logged in to the directory99 website. Our website has a standard way of using the log files. Log files are part of hosting services analyses and almost every website uses them to get users’ personal information. The information collected by logfile includes the user’s IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, date, time, and even the possible number of clicks. 

This information is further used for analyzing trends, administering the site, and gathering demographic information. 

Do Directory99 Use Cookies or Web Beacons? 

Many new users are curious to know that either Directory99 uses cookies or web beacons. So yes like all other websites, we also use cookies and web beacons. These cookies are used purposely to store user information including visitors’ preferences and the other pages accessed. This information is further used to optimize customer user experiences, web pages, browser types, and other information. 

Some of our advertising partners may also use cookies or beacons. As Our advertisers have their privacy policies. Third-party ad servers usually use cookies like Java and other web beacons. These cookies are used to access the information of visitors including the IP address, browser type, and the region you are using to view this ad. These cookies are used to manage the effectiveness of the advertising agencies and to personalize the content you see on different websites. 

It is also important to mention that directory99 has zero access and control over those cookies and web beacons. 

Also, directory99 privacy policies are not applicable on any third-party advertisers or websites. You can choose to disable cookies and beacons with the help of your browser. ( find this information on the browser respective website) 

CCPA Privacy Rights: 

CCPA provides the right to Do not sell my personal information to all the Citizens of California. Under this right, you can file a complaint against any website that is misusing or leaking, or selling your personal information. CCPA gives rights to Citizens that: 

  • Request that a business that collects a consumer’s data disclose the categories and specific pieces of personal data that a business has collected about consumers.
  • You can request any website or online business to delete the personal information collected. 
  • Request a website or a business not to sell any of your personal information. 
  • If any of our users make a request we might take a time of a month or more to take action on it. In case of any query, suspicious activity, etc. you can always contact our customer service team. 

GDPR Data Protection Rights

According to GDPR, every user has a right to protect their data and information. GDPR gives several rights and benefits to all our users. According to this policy, all of our users are entitled to the following rights and they can use them anytime. Our team will take almost a month or more to respond to any complaint filed by users. 

  • The right of data Portability. This means you can request to transfer your data to another information. 
  • The right to object to our procession of your personal information. Always remember these rights are applicable under certain situations. 
  • You have the right to restrict the processing of your data. 
  • Also, we give the right of erasing the data to all our users. You can request to erase all your data under certain situations. 
  • We also give you the right to possess your data. It might charge you a small monthly fee. 
  • You have the right to request the correction of any personal information. If you see something wrong in our data collection, always feel free to correct us and provide us with authentic information and personal details. 

Children Age Guard

Directory99 does not encourage children under 13 years to provide any of their personal information on our website. If your kid has mistakenly added something without your consent, do let us know. Our team will make sure to remove this information as soon as possible. 

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